Welcome to the fourth month of the Immersive Book Club! We’re a group of friends in Oregon who get together to discuss immersive work, including theater, VR, site-specific works, experiential design, LARP, escape rooms, interactive fiction, and more. We meet during the last week of each month and stream our chat, with a community discussion that continues on Slack.

Show notes, information on past themes and selections, and links to previous months’ streamed shows are available here.

April Immersive Book Club

We’ll focus our discussion on the following theme and selections. Have a suggestion? Send us an email!

April Theme: Food

April Selections:

  • Jenn Sandercock’s Edible Games Cookbook ($25-60)
  • Remnant Dinner, a mixed-reality immersive meal
  • Richie Rhombus’s Immigracious, “an adventurous art experience for immigrants to share stories and food. with a sailboat trip, storytelling, and a delicious meal of an Immigrant’s favorite food, served on Angel Island” (Sept 2018)
  • Appetite Obscure, “a dining collective where interactive meals and immersive-art food experiences create new human connections” (2015-2017)
  • Morgan Street Theater, which organizes ice cream theater events in Portland

Please join us for a live-streamed discussion during the last week of April (Friday, April 26 at 5:15 PST) at http://twitch.tv/immersivebookclub and in the #bookclub channel on the No Proscenium Slack. Please bookmark those and sign up for accounts in advance of the stream if you’d like to join in.

After the stream, we’ll share links, notes, and topics for further discussion. Sign up for the newsletter for future news and updates.